RealFlow 2013入门介绍教程(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 在此 RealFlow 2013 教程中,我们 ' ll 看介绍看许多的 RealFlow 2013.We 中得到很好地理解的一些最基本的概念和工作流目标 RealFlow 2013 年发现的关键特征 ' ll 开始学习如何我们可以设置我们的 RealFlow 项目,看看这些项目如何组织的 RealFlow。从那里我们 ' 将学到如何移动周围的 RealFlow 接口之前开始工作,我们第一次的流体粒子与一些重要的参数,这将帮助我们控制我们的粒子。现在的一些其他极其重要概念的 RealFlow 包括现场规模和子步骤,所以我们 ' ll 需要一些时间去了解如何将这些概念可以设置以及它们将如何影响我们的 RealFlow 项目好。在这次培训我们 ' ll 看一看的 RealFlow 2013 等关系编辑器,将节点连接在一起,在新的图形系统,使用功能非常强大的 Hybrido 2 和当然预览使用与麦克斯韦渲染,只是对名称的新集成我们流体中的新功能很多几个。通过本教程的结尾你 ' ll RealFlow 2013 年有扎实的了解的概念和工作流。 原文: In this RealFlow 2013 tutorial, we'll be taking an introductory look at many of the key features found in RealFlow 2013 with the goal of getting a good understanding of some of the most fundamental concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2013.We'll start by learning how we can set up our RealFlow projects and looking at how those projects are organized by RealFlow. From there we'll learn how to move around the RealFlow interface before starting to work with our first fluid particles and some of the important parameters that will help us control our particles. Now some of the other extremely important concepts in RealFlow include scene scale and substeps, so we'll take some time to get a good understanding of how these concepts can be set up and how they will affect our RealFlow projects.Throughout this training we'll take a look at many of the new features found in RealFlow 2013 such as the Relationship Editor, connecting nodes together in the new graph system, using the incredibly powerful Hybrido 2 and of course previewing our fluids using the new integration with Maxwell Render, just to name a few. By the end of this tutorial you'll have a solid understanding of the concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2013.

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